Nostos No.6


Gamilios 2nd, 2015

WKRL NEWSBREAK – The streets of Vyle are abuzz with the return of the HAND OF SUNSET, the Saviors of Smyrna and the Heroes of the Confederacy. Crowds thronged Muse Station hoping to catch a glimpse of these exceptional soldiers. Tears were shed, flags waved, the heart of Vyle beats in time to the marching feet of these ASH elite. Approched for comment, ASH representative Lt. Shatterface Bloodpumpkin assured the citizens of Vyle that the antichyros would be returning to active duty soon, after a well deserved rest.

Tagma Brass centurions are advising all citizens to keep a sharp eye out for any members of the nefarious Black Cross Gang, known by the signature mark drawn on their clothing. Instructions are to keep your distance, do not confront – but contact your closest Tagma Brass substation immediately so these ruffians can be dealt with swiftly.

President Flame’s annual Costume Ball is tonight, with the best and brightest of the Confederacy in attendance.The affair is invitation only, but we’ll have a full report on the gala tomorrow – with the standard front page spread in the Vyle Tymes morning edition so you can get a glimpse of the finery.

This NewsBrief has been brought to you by Blue Sky Biscuits! Like biting into a fluffy cloud!



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