The Shadow

Prince of Violet Leaf: The Circle of Six – Five and the Shadow. Name the Shadow.

The waters roil, and some of the stars flicker – some seem to almost pop in pain. Ghast’s voice is thin as he speaks, as if with great pain.

…the Shadow is steel,the Shadow is salt
…born of the seafoam and the Swan’s fault
…the Shadow is true, the Shadow is just
…the shield never wavers and the sword never rusts
…the Shadow is here, the Shadow is lost
…Love is the blood that counts only the cost

The darkness where the Prince sat seems to seethe and a long hand reaches down into the water. “Enough riddles, I asked for a name. NAME THEM.”

Purple lightning arcs through the water – sending coracles scattering, the Fey lords begin to scream in alarm, the dancers fall – splashing into the water. Ghast is born up by the energy, wracked with pain like a blazing tree. Transfixed by pain and the power of the Violet Prince he points towards the Court of Dawn and howls ‘ The Shadow is ….”

The Shadow

Nostos No.6 Sommerset