Diomedes' Experiment

Partial Transcript of Experiment 1 Alpha
Psydros 22nd – 2015

Logged: Cold Merrythought

DIO: “Welcome, mirror-spirit. I thank you for acquiescing to the Call.”

XENOS: manners, surprising in a mortal heart

DIO:“Yes, well. We have called you here to learn more of the ones that stand in a circle around you. They were bound into a strange compact by a mighty champion of the Wild—

XENOS: varvara the knife

DIO: “—err, yes. Is it common to have such compacts struck with mortals such as these?”

XENOS: common no
XENOS: but common is a word with much air in it

DIO: “Can you tell us what this compact means?”

they are the circle
the circle of vine
the circle of six, five and the shadow
all hail the breakers
all hail the blooddrinkers
all hail sorrow’s children

the violet leaf and the shining thorn
beloved of both, but both forsworn

DIO: “Can they be free of this? How do they break the covenant?”

only in the grave
only in the grave
only when the crown
the crown
the crown
the crown

MERRY: “It’s killing him, it’s killing him! Do something!!!”
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Diomedes' Experiment

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