Financial Concerns

After the forming of the Confederacy, the use of Vylian currency was normalized throughout the continent.

The standard unit of wealth is one drachma. This was originally based around the amount of value or food a Vylian citizen could produce in one day.

One drachma can be subdivided into five obol. An obol can be further divided into five pentus – commonly known as pennies.

1 drachma = 5 obol = 25 pentus

The drachma is a large coin, about the size of a human’s palm. The obol is exactly one fifth the size and weight of a drachma. Pennies are one fifth the weight of an obol, taking the form of small beads stamped with the crest of the Confederacy of Vyle.

Average Laborer’s Pay : 3 drachma per week.

Neolektos Pay Scale
Tagma Brass – 5 drachma per week
Tagma Silver – 7 drachma per week
ASH – 10 drachma per week

Financial Concerns

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